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What to Expect on Safari...

At Ebright Travel, We immerse ourselves in everything that concerns African safari travel. It is our goal to fuse adventure, romance, culture and extraordinary wilderness scenery to make your safari something you will never forget.

There are many different types of safaris: luxury mobile and permanent tented safari, moderate lodge safari, budget participation camping safaris, mountiain climbing, Gorilla trekking and photo safaris. A safari is not just beautiful landscapes and exotic wild animals, but a safari of the soul. Let the rhythms of Africa steal into your soul and change you.

Super Deluxe

You may custom design a mobile tented or a luxury permanent tented safari. The large walk in tent is decorated with furniture carved from native trees, luxury linens and en suite bathrooms.

Campfire stories under a sky so dark and quiet, you can almost hear the stars sing All meals and game activities are included. It's the ultimate in wilderness comfort & style. Flights between camps optimize game viewing.


A combination of small lodges and luxury tents with a driver and/or guide. Campsites are usually located in private reserves and are selected for their beauty and intimacy with nature. A pool, hammocks for reading and hides on stilts for animal viewing are often added amenities.