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We and the kids are having a hard time coming back to the real world.  We have wonderful memories of our Regent family cruise to Alaska and that is what we wanted.  The kids were blown away by life on the Navigator. The cruise director and his wife asked us to dine with them one night. We all fell in love with him. All the connections went like clockwork and disembarking in Seward was a breeze.

There is not a single thing more you could have done. You got us all the perks like the Distinctive Voyage special shore event and cocktail party, great shipboard credit and took care of all the details. I cannot imagine doing this without you. You work so hard and long - you are truly amazing. The wheelchair was a wonderful idea you had. This was a trip of a lifetime for our children and more than Jerry & I ever hoped for. You are the very best without a doubt and we all appreciate the work you put into this Regent Cruise for the twelve of us.

- Lois & family of 12 -

For any of you in need of a travel agent, even for those of you who THINK you don't need a travel agent, you ALL need Connie if you want the most from your vacation travel. Here's why: Connie has a fierce passion for travel which melds with her meticulous detailed approach. She beautifully paces her vacations, scheduling breaks when necessary, constantly building to a crescendo. She has fine taste for luxury, an eye for beauty and, above all, a sweetness and professionalism which makes her a pleasure to deal with. She has changed our travel for good!


- Linda and Joseph Sherwood -



You are amazing! You are the best travel agent I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve been all over the world on business and personal travel. Thank you so much for your help with our Brazil and African adventures. You've created lifelong memories for my wife and me. We both look forward to creating more memorable travel moments with you in the future.

- Paul Sanborn -



Back from Africa and everything you set up worked beautifully. No hitches of any kind. What can I say about Africa?! It was one of the best trips of our lives. The bush is a kind of paradise. Those islands off Mozambique are another kind of paradise. We're so grateful to you for helping us with the arrangements. Is it too late for me to quit the law and become an Africa travel specialist??? Best regards

- Peter Jakab -



I just wanted to personally thank you for being so very professional in your work while turning our Vacation Plans into an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. As promised, we were promptly met at every stop and guided to our next location. The three camps in Botswana were much more than we expected. The game was plentiful, varied, and thrilling. The great pictures I took simply couldn't capture the exhilaration of all of us in the vehicle. The food at all three camps was extraordinary; much better in quality and presentation than we ever have in Texas. The local camp cooks are true artisans to fix such balanced and tasty meals every day. Every evening I truly looked forward to a gin and tonic by the warm fire, while discussing the day's animal viewings with the other camp guests. Then followed a mouth-watering dinner under the stars. The camp staff made our trip unforgettable. They gave us the type of selfless service that would easily embarrass the entire service industry in the States. I today purchased Lottery tickets with the hope of returning to Botswana for a month, now that you have seduced us with this glorious safari. Should any of your prospective clients have any doubts about taking a safari arranged by Connie Ebright, have them E-mail or phone me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- Gerry and Diane Richer -



You did a wonderful job of planning our African safari. You are helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks again.

- Alan and Krista Binnie -



I will go anywhere with Connie Ebright. She is absolutely the best.

- Annette Annechild -



Well, saying that the trip was amazing, wonderful and terrific would be a huge understatement! From start to finish, the trip exceeded all of our expectations and was the most memorable experience we have ever had. Let me just say that there was not one aspect that was less than perfect. On a personal note, we could not stop talking about you on the trip. This trip was all to your credit and the degree to which each and every detail was looked after was marvelous. The places we saw, the camps we stayed at, the order of events- all were chosen perfectly and there was nothing we would have changed. Each day was a new experience, a new adventure and we have so many memories (and so much film to develop). We already know that we will be back in African sometime soon- there is no way we could only go once! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

- Doug Nathanson -



We are glad we found you. You're a credit to your profession.

- Walter Haeussler -



I was thinking to myself what is the value of a travel agent besides making the rudimentary arrangements? In this case your knowledge of where to stay in the bush proved invaluable. Ngala was definitely the highlight of the trip. From the uninhibited access to the animals to the extremely friendly staff (they even taught us the Shangan language) we had a great time. They also cooked us special meals. The rest of the trip was amazing too, but my favorite part was Ngala. Thanks again for a great trip.

- Arun Prakash -



Thank you for all your hard work. I have and will continue to tell everyone what a great travel agent you are...

- Chandra Leck -


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